Chalmers Magasine about FSCONS (online)

Chalmers Magasine has written about FSCONS. Being high time to implement plans for this year’s conference I blog this to get you all in shape for working your XXX off one more year.

Page 12-14 in the pdf

… and please read the comic at the end. Johan Wanloo is one of the funniest comic writers ever. Yup, I really mean ever.

Really should have seen this pdf a while ago. Last I time I checked the number wasn’t online. It is now. So here’s some reading (Swedish).


… btw, Jonas Öberg and I together with Lennert Gullbrandsson (Wikimedia Sverige) are planning some kind of FSCONS brainstorming evening at some time not so far away from here.

GNU meeting at FOSDEM 2009

In case any GNU hacker is going to FOSDEM we might as well meet and chat. I’ve suggested on the  gnu-prog-meetings mailinglist that we meet up and …well have a chat or a meeting. Perhaps discuss the next GNUHacker’s meetings (info on GHM/2008), we’ve offered to host one at IT University in Gothenburg.

   Proposed GNU chat/meeting:
          When:  Sunday, Feb 8,  13.00
          Where: In front of the FSFE booth

Orig Email post:

I know that Simon Josefsson most likely is heading for FOSDEM … as am I.

Gnome meeting yesterday

I came to the place at 19.30 (always late?) and there was like 8-10 people there, including Anderas Nilsson (speaking at FSCONS).

Then Lennart from Wikimedia Sverige phoned me and asked me where we were and told me the Wikimedians (Wikimedia has a booth at Göteborg Book Fair) were coming over, including Lars Aronsson (speaking at FSCONS). They were something like 10 people.

Woops, enter Jeremiah Foster (speaking at FSCONS).  Add to that Per Andersson (speaking at FSCONS) and his friends ….

… all in all, it was great and a lot of people!