Introducing bitter (stripped down twitter)

No, I don’t have any LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, …. wha-eva account. I am just a simple geezer after all.

So in order not to be totally left behind I decided to implement the next tool for the web. It’s easy to use, easy to understand, stores no crappy info. As a matter of fact it only stores binary information about you with

0 meaning sad and

1 meaning happy

Some will probably call it a tool for Web 0.5, but they’re simply wrong. It’s not a thing of the past. Nor is it a thing of the future, because it is already here:


Oh yes, and about the name. The name was choosen for the the following reasons:

  1. sounds a bit like twitter
  2. i am bitter
  3. and it stores only binary information about your current mode

So to all you folks out there. Let’s be bitter. Really really bitter. And bitter about it.

… and yes, there’s a pimped up version (still bitter) as well:


Anyone wants to join the bitter train and help developing the software even more?

OS and Editor stats from the embedded project at IT University

This year’s embedded project (at IT University in Gothenburg, Sweden) is over and the grade have been set. During the oral exams we (teacher/supervisor) asked them tons of questions. A funny biproduct of the oral exams are user stats.

We asked the students (50 of them) to report their first and second (if any) operating system they used during the project. We also asked them about their favorite editors. Yeah, and the most popular GNU/Linux distribution was Ubuntu, followed by Debian and linuxmint.

Operating system used (first and second choice):

GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac

Operating system used (only primary):

GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac

Editors used: